What is the NCA?

The NCA is a group of community minded people who meet to discuss neighbourhood issues, plan neighbourhood events and consider ways to make the neighbourhood a great place to live.

We meet monthly. Our meetings are open to all Nutana residents. Please come and join us, share your ideas or concerns and learn how you can take an active part in the life of your community.

We meet at 7:00 pm on the First Wednesday of the month. Since COVID, our meetings have been virtual, via zoom.

We also post updates on our Facebook Page.

You can find our bylaws here: NCA Bylaws – Sept 2020 – Final

NCA Executive 2020 – 2021

President  – Jasmin Parker    –  president@nutana.ca

Vice President  –  Jasmin Carlton –  vice-president@nutana.ca

Secretary  –  Rosa Brannen – secretary@nutana.ca

Treasurer  –  Leah Brannen – treasurer@nutana.ca

Indoor Programs Co-Coordinator – Jolene Zidkovich – programming@nutana.ca

Online Registration  –  Chelsea Hardy –  registration@nutana.ca

Communications Coordinator  –  Franny Rawlyk  – communications@nutana.ca

Newsletter Editor  –  Rebecca Cormack  –  newsletter@nutana.ca

Civics Coordinator – (open) – civics@nutana.ca

Volunteer Coordinator  –  (open)  –  volunteer@nutana.ca

Social  Co-Coordinator – Kira Epp – social@nutana.ca

Community Garden Coordinator  –

  • Joe Pfeifer, Darcy Bear Garden Coordinator – darcybear.garden@nutana.ca
  • Paul Catt, Remai Garden Coordinator – remai.garden@nutana.ca

Marr Residence Liaison  –  Caroleen Wright marr@nutana.ca

Rink Coordinator, Idylwyld  – Graham Myers

Rink Coordinator, Victoria School  – Dave Desanghere & Trevor Blazeiko

Soccer Coordinator  –  (open)– soccer@nutana.ca


  • Jane Calder – atlarge@nutana.ca