Nutana programs

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We have moved to a new online registration software. Please note note that old usernames and passwords will not work. You will need to register for a new account. Once registered, you will be able to view the class schedules and receipts here:

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Membership & Fees:

A non-refundable membership fee of $10/individual or family/year is required to participate in program and must be presented at the time of program sign-up. NCA honours all other Community Association memberships. Each Program runs for 10 classes.

Payment information:

This year, we will not be hosting an in-person registration night, so credit card is greatly preferred.

Credit Card: You can pay with your credit card on our registration website. It is a secure site.

Cost as Barrier:

In an effort to ensure that everyone who want to participate in a program are able to, NCA offers cost-as-a-barrier assistance and/or KidSport applications are available for those facing financial hardship.

To inquire/apply, please contact Indoor Programming Coordinator at, or ask a volunteer at registration night. All inquiries are kept confidential.

Course Descriptions


Zumba® is a dance-based fitness program that uses Latin and World music. Slow and fast rhythms help to tone the body and at the same time provide interval training that can boost aerobic fitness. Experience the joy of movement with Wendy R., a licensed Zumba instructor with a long background in dance-based activities.

For safety during virtual Zumba classes, please wear lightweight running or exercise shoes and dance on a hard surface (hardwood, linoleum, or tile).


The GYROKINESIS® method incorporates rhythmic, flowing and undulating sequences in seated, lying, and standing positions. The classes will utilize principles of movement found in swimming, yoga, qigong and ballet with an emphasis on rotational movement in the spine and limbs. Classes are adapted to fit each student’s needs and abilities: from those living with a disability, or recovering from injury, to amateur athletes. You will need a mat and a chair or stool for class.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the most famous traditional Chinese Martial Art. Now, it is the best enlightenment for health! Our Tai Chi program is including 3 parts:

1. Anapanasati Meditation It refers to inhalation and exhalation. It is focus mindfulness of breathing and good for the overall physical and mental health.

2. Meridian YOGA – YI JIN JING

It has the guide from the meridian theory. Meridians are near the
ligaments. It is a stretching exercise to make the meridian clear.


Tai Chi has over hundred years history and is an energy movement in
right body pose and right psychological state. It can make energy flow
better and improve the energy level of the body.

Yoga Fit

Yogafit is a “flow” style of yoga aimed at people who want to improve their fitness levels. Participants move through sequences of poses that include lunges, squats and planks to build greater strength, increase flexibility and improve balance. The class ends with deep stretching poses that allow the body to relax.

Instructor: Leah Brannen

Yoga Multi-Level

Learn (or revisit!) the basic postures, sequences, and relaxation techniques in this user-friendly class. You may bring your own mat or borrow one of ours.

Yoga for Runners and Others

Focuses on developing core strength through a series of poses that build in intensity. Sequences will build flexibility through hips and legs and will develop upper body strength. Please bring your own mat.

Instructor: Leah Brannen


All registered participants, please purchase a 20.00 snarky guitar tuner at Long n McQuade.


Perry Boyko, our guitar instructor.