Marking Sticks

After a beautiful afternoon yesterday, today there has been snow, sleet, rain, sunshine, it sure is SPRINGTIME in Saskatchewan.🐞 I have trimmed a shrub in the Remai garden, so there are beautiful sticks beside the shed, if you'd like any for markings. Here's some pictures of our garden and our gardenmade Bee Home🐝 Enjoy, its … Continue reading Marking Sticks

This Years AGM

Help us search for the "heart of Nutan" at this years AGM to be held at 7:00pm April 10, 2017 at the Broadway Theatre.

Join us in an adventure and get involved with your neighborhood. We are looking for new board members, come put up your hand.

We are looking for people for the following positions:
  • Rink coordinator,
  • social media coordinator
  • volunteer coordinator
  • newsletter coordinator
  • online registrar (needs computer skills)
  • 3 directors at Large
... Continue reading