June 13, 2017 Free city mulch

 If anyone wants to voulenteer a truck and driving then we have access to free city mulch. The Remai garden would benifit form additional mulch to keep the weeds down in path ways.  If some one can do this they can contact Jessie and I directly to confirm. thanks myrtle

Let there be water!

We are fortunate to receive water from the Saskatoon Fire Department throughout the summer at our Remai Community Garden. We are currently setting up a larger tank to hold even more water, but the fire fighters stopped by yesterday to fill up the three smaller bins for us. Thanks guys! Happy planting!

Jane’s Walks

Hey Nutana! Every year, citizens of Saskatoon come together to celebrate the late Jane Jacobs - an urbanist who helped residents and city-officials alike come to see the value, history and quirks of seemingly unexpected places. To honour her legacy, cities around the world host a series of ‘Jane’s Walks’, where local guides lead tours … Continue reading Jane’s Walks