May 7, 2016 – Water for Darcy Bear Garden

Water for the Darcy Bear garden is provided by the city of Saskatoon.

The city will start turning on water to it’s parks soon. City starts with the sports fields then moves to the community gardens. Estimated date for Darcy Bear is prior to May 21. Note as we’re adjacent to a sports field water may be on as early as May 16th.

Water management.

Turn water off at hose end and at the source (post) after each use. Consider mulching your plots to conserve water (paper is a good mulch)
Please report or fix any issues with hoses. text if urgent 306-230-6172

Note if the garden floods we lose our privilege to use this space for a garden, so I ask for you help to keep our watering system in top shape.

First Garden work Bee and information please come and be part of building the Nutana community garden into a strong team.

May 28, 2016 from 9:30-11:30

Mentors Needed
We may have some grade students to help put lawn edging in along the fence. I would appreciate 1 or two garden mentors to work with the kids.

Contact me if you’re interested in this opportunity.

Myrtle –

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