There will be more manure dropped off tonight about 7 pm at the gardens if anyone is interested.  We don’t need help unloading but people are welcome to come distribute.
The manure is weedy. Suggestion is to mulch with paper (news paper is fine, this will also have the benefit of reducing water loss.)  Our gardens are going to be rich this year with nutrients, and with this heat, the growing is already into full swing.

We may set a record high temp in this wonderful city of ours today, enjoy but stay hydrated and happy gardening!!!!!

One thought on “Manure

  1. Thanks for getting this posted. It’s a lucky year for our garden to connect with a supply of composted manure. If you know anyone in the garden who can’t make it tonight or can use help with moving compost consider dropping off a wheel barrow full onto their plot.

    on the note of paper – can anyone pick up a supply of news papper end from the star phoenix. This would be an excellent resource for the garden as a mulch, reducing weeds and watering requirements.

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