October 18, 2017 – message from CHEP

Message from CHEP

“Dear Friends,

We all know that Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods are sorely lacking in consistent access to fresh foods at affordable prices. And we all know that healthy food consumption makes for a better overall health outcomes. CHEP Good Food is working with AKA’s Locals Only project to bring a mobile market to our city. We need your help to:

  1. Register then Vote for CHEP in our recent application to the Aviva Community Fund for resources to purchase a vehicle to be retrofitted for a mobile grocery store in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. You have up to 18 votes which can be done all at the same time. Register then Vote for us by linking in here: https://www.avivacommunityfund.org/voting/project/view/17-534
  2. Tell all your friends to do the same (that is, vote for us)!
  3. Forward this message to your community garden contacts

The application will only move forward with a groundswell of support from the local community. You have until 3 PM on October 19 – that’s only 3 days away!!

The competition is very steep with over 500 entries, however, we can move this idea forward with everyone’s help!

Thanks for your support! Let’s get Saskatoon winning!


Yvonne Hanson, M.Ed

Executive Director

CHEP Good Food Inc.

1120 – 20th Street West

Saskatoon, SK S7M 0Y8

  1. (306) 655-4575 (ext 226); Fax (306)668-4574