Hail Damage

Hail damage: the aftermath, information I found on Facebook from Gardenline:

“If your garden was hit with hail, take a deep breath and don’t despair. You don’t have to pull out all of your plants – many can be salvaged. Start by removing any debris that is not attached to your plants. Keep as much foliage as you can – even if there are minor tears or damage – for photosynthesis. As new foliage emerges, remove more of the damaged parts. Keep plants well-watered and mulched to reduce stress.
Vegetables and annuals: If leaves and stems are intact, keep them. Give the plants time to grow before removing them completely. Keep watered and lightly fertilize. You have the advantage of well-developed root systems which may bounce back. If you have big gaps in your garden, buy a few annuals to fill the holes.
Perennials: Clean up debris and deadhead spent flowers. Cut back plants carefully – some will grow back and regenerate, but some won’t. Do not fertilize.
Trees: Safety first – remove debris and assess potential dangers like broken limbs and branches. Do not remove branches that have lost their leaves as new growth may emerge. Make clean cuts on broken limbs. Do not apply wound paint or fertilize. ”
Questions? Contact Gardenline: 306-966-5865 or gardenline@usuask.ca

Here are some pictures from our gardens, first the storm ⛈ approaching, then some of the aftermath 📸:

Now its time to clean up and watch as our plants show us their strength and recovery!!!!!! Enjoy the ☀️, Jill