Visit to CHEP

I had the wonderful opportunity the other day of meeting Jessie Best from CHEP, what an amazing program.  I was able to gather some seed and some seedlings from CHEP, and they have now been put into our community gardens.  Below (1st 4 pictures) is a look at the CHEP program where they are growing food on land otherwise deemed as bad contaminated soil (an old gas station used to sit on the land), you can see it while driving down 20th Street, showing us, that food can be grown if one uses their imagination.  You can see they have put all their produce in pots, containers above ground, they mulch, they weed, and they too have a water barrel much like ours at Remai.  Great program, great community, thanks to everyone who takes time to love our neighbourhoods and make this a better place to call home!😊

The last pictures are of our nutana gardens, now home to the new plants I got from the CHEP program, tomato and Acorn squash.