June 12, Garden Update

 The gardens are coming along. I heard people are now reseeding as needed.
 We are building a stronger group of gardeners commimeted to the gardens. Each of these contributions makes a difference.
 Of Special note To Franny who is arranging water at the Remai garden, Betty who is managing the sweet pea,s and Joe leading the repairs at the Darcy bear garden.
Weeding pathways and fence lines Both gardens (Darcy bear the fence line outside the garden (park side) should be keept weed free about a 2-3 inch strip.
Fences at Darcy bear garden between play ground and garden.
 Other small jobs are needed, we’ll take things one job at a time.
 Wood chips- I’ve heard nothing from the city so this will become a fall job.  If you see some at either garden, please use it, spread it out, spread it where it is needed.
sand needs to be moved to the front of the bin (as a sand reserve and so we can close the gates.
 I have school function this Tuesday with my son then I’m on holidays for two weeks.
 Please gather on tuesday to build community and weed together. Pathways and fence lines are to be kept weed free please.
 I have 2 plots that need gardeners.
call me if you want them
-306 477-3928
 text 306-230-6172