June 4, 2017 – Update from Myrtle about gardens


We’re off to a good year in the gardens. We have water, thank you Franny and Joe,
and the raspberries look better then ever, cleand out and looks like weeding is getting done. Thanks please keep it up there’s lots to weed. Consider weeding common areas 10 min each time you are in the garden.
all plots are assigned, note plot 29 in Ramai garden will be planted soon, arrangements have been made. Thank you for those that noticed the empty plot and asked me about it.
A few new plots are being added to the garden this year, Thanks to Laurene for this initiative.
 Herb garden- plant what you can weed when you can, water, and enjoy.
 Sweet peas- we have group for watering sweet peas. See Betty if you want to help. Also if you feel the plants are close to death go ahead and water the plants.
 Questions for me e-mail or text 306-230-6172.
 My goal- improve communication in the garden
 I will attempt to be at the gardens each tuesday from 6-6:30 (give that a try) to answer questions. More importantly this is where you can build your groups, projects, weeding, sweetpeas, maintenance. I speak with many of you one on one and we’re a skilled group of people. We are working in a shared space, and each contribution made is important.
 I’ve not scheduled any work bees as of yet.
We need the Darcy bear roof repaired (how would you like this done?)
Weeding at Ramai is needed.
 I hope to see you this tuesday.