Pictures from our Gardens

Some garden pictures, pollination garden, critter hotel, wild onion is a bee’s favourite, a memorial garden, a treasure chest yet to be filled by someone, anyone who wants to, with flowers and overflowing with gloriousness, milkweed thriving, tomato’s, and earth waiting to erupt with stupendous glory!!!  ps. we also have a new watermelon plant put in by one of our gardeners behind the raspberries right in the corner – very cool.  I also heard from Mark that we may see some free wood chips/mulch dropped off in the next bit, they will just dump it at the entrance of the gardens, help yourself when you see the piles,  help spread it out if you see it.  Have fun and enjoy every peaceful and glorious moment out in our little pieces of greatness!!!! Here’s to another great year at the Remai and Chief Darcy Bear gardens!!!  Jill