More Water Works In Nutana this Spring/Summer

The City will be hosting an information meeting about upcoming  water works  on 10th & 11th Streets between Broadway and Melrose and on Victoria between 8th and 11th Street.


City Information meeting
Monday, February 13, 2017 6:00 – 7:30pm
at Aden Bowman Collegiate Institute

This brochure was sent round to people effected by the works. It includes the information below plus contact numbers and emails at The City.

What to expect

  • In an effort to minimize disruption to residents and motorists, work will be completed in phases. These phases will be confirmed in the time leading up to the work and that information will be communicated.
  • A notice letter containing specific information about the project’s timeline and the impacts it will have (garbage collection, parking, etc.) will be delivered to affected homes two to three weeks prior to the work starting.
  • Work at the start of the project includes the lining of sanitary sewer lines using a trenchless method (no excavation is required to perform this work). This work is being carried out by Insituform Technologies.
    Construction notices were sent to all residences adjacent to this work.
  • When water main work begins, there will be short interruptions in water supply while temporary water connections are setup.
  • City contractors will provide temporary water service to affected properties. You will need a functioning faucet without backflow prevention or other connection point will be necessary in order to continue to receive water (see the FAQ’s section of for details).
  • Water main replacement work in your area will be done using an open-trench method (large holes will be dug in the centre of roadways). This will impact accessibility to the front of your property.
  • Where lead water pipes are present, the City’s portion and your property portion of water and sewer service connection will be replaced.  If the materials connecting water services to your home do not meet current standards (i.e. if you have lead water pipes), a Connections Coordinator from the City will be contacting you to explain how the connection process will work for your home.
  • New roadways will be installed in these locations shortly after water/sewer main replacement work is complete.
  • This project is scheduled to be complete by fall, barring any unforeseen issues or significant weather events.

How you can help

It’s important you make sure you have a functioning faucet without backflow prevention or other connection point. 

This connection acts as the service point for water to be provide to your home during the project.  Without this connection, there will be no way for you to have water service during the project.  For more information regarding faucets without backflow prevention, please visit