Fall Cleanup September 2016

Dear gardeners

Fall is here it’s time to clean the gardens (especially the Remai garden) DB gardeners i’ll likely need your help cleaning the Remai garden as most plots look abandoned.

To Do
1. remove all weeds and plant material from you plot.
2. stack tomato cages neatly. place behind shed or in shed.
3. DB only- Move wood chip on to path ways. Start now. two wheel barrels each should complete the clean up. Start at the ends of the pathway to facilitate pushing the wheel barrow. (the space by the shed should be the lowest point in the garden. (note water management around the shed is to be prioritized.)
4. Remai garden- clean you own plot and all 4 pathways adjacent to you plot. I will be flagging plots over the next week. If you plot is flagged you must meet me in person in the garden to qualify for the garden next year. (best day final work bee oct 15 9:30 until it’s done).
5. sweep sheds remove material that have no value. Remove seeds as they will attract mice.
6. Sweep sidewalks Remai (sweet pea fence) DB playground area.
7. Sweep road Darcy bear mostly. This minimises complaints from neighbours.
8. Sunflowers. Break stalks and put in to compost. a few 5-10 can be left standing in the entire garden for the winter. Then you have to remove them in the spring.
9. Wood chips are needed I will only get them if I get 30 people committed to moving them. Let me know what you want.
10. Work in the garden now don’t wait until the work bee. the bins need filling.
11. Any flagged plot can be cleaned up by volunteers. Everyone please help with this.
12 Work Bee Oct 15th starting 9:30 This is the final clean up plant to come with your eager friends. It’s ok if we finish early. If you want a garden plot next year this is when you let me know, otherwise if you’ve been Flagged you will not be assigned a plot next year.

Do not pile compost (weeds next to bin)
Leave weeds and compost piled in your plot when bins are full
Compost city pick up dates every 2nd friday
sept 16 (tomorrow)
sept 30
oct 14
oct 28

Start filling bins now or we will not have room for the compost.

Thanks for stepping up everyone.
I plan to bring timbits and coffee on oct 15 e-mail me so I know how much to bring.