Work Bee Saturday July 9, 2016

Four work bee dates are scheduled for 2016 (Saturdays 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)

May 28 – welcome, garden tour and question period

July 9 – weeding and tool maintenance

August 13 – weeding

October 17- final garden clean up

Many of us will be at the garden tomorrow morning. Come by if you can, even just say hello and get up to speed on what’s happening at the gardens.

NEW— TNT— Thursday night Team building at the garden.

Every thursday night come out to the garden to find out what’s new, learn about weeding, and garden maintenance. (Myrtle will be by about 7:25-7:45 as often as possible).

As always 5-15 minutes a week on common weeding is needed from everyone to keep the garden the show piece it need to be.

The gardens do need some attention.
Pathways need to be free from weeds. All common areas need to be weed free, and tidy.

If you need a place to start
1. keep weeds out of your plot
2. keep weeds out of sweet peas and along sidewalk (public viewing area)
3. keep weeds out of the pathways around your plot. Don’t wait for your neighbour to do this. just get to it. we don’t get invited back to the land if it’s weedy.
4. come out on thursday to find out other things happening in the garden and plans for 2017.
5. make sure all weed go in to compost containers only The garden has no garbage containers, do not throw any weeds into the business garbage.