April 25, 2016 – Horse Manure

If you were one of the first, you know that tonite we get Horse Manure for the garden:

“Horse manure is ‘hot’; richer in Nitrogen and physically warm to the…eh…’touch’ so to speak. It is also lower in the ‘fruiting and rooting’ nutrients Phosphorus and Potassium…. Use it on non-flowering, nitrogen-hungry plants like lawns, corn, potatoes, garlic, and lettuce; but not on tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and such. This IS generally the manure most widely available to gardeners, however; so at the very least, take it and incorporate it into your compost, where it will lose its fruit-and-flower inhibiting power.” (Source – You Bet Your Garden-using Manure Wisely)

“Readily available in many rural areas or through reputable suppliers, horse manure makes a suitable and inexpensive fertilizer for plants. Horse manure can give new plants a jump start while providing essential nutrients for continual growth. It contains adequate amounts of organic matter and can be applied in various ways. It’s also slightly higher in nutritional value than cow or steer manure.”

“Composted horse manure can also be used in the garden any time of the year. Simply toss it over the garden area and work it into the soil.”