Weeding and Spring clean up

After a nice warm spring week, entering the garden brings sightings of new growth, new life, new dreams about what the year will hold for our gardens.

IMG_9425 The Remai Garden Herb patch shown here needs spring cleaning and weeding if anyone is around and feels like getting back at it.  There is also lots of general weeding to be done around the raspberry bushes and fences, if your out and around, pick those weeds, our community garden only benefits from the shared enjoyment of picking weeds.  If there is a Red/Orange flag in a plot, that means its taken for the year, and there sure are a lot of flags. 🙂

We still need a shed manager for Chief Darcy Bear garden.

And New and Exciting is the work going on behind the scenes in the area of starting up two public Free Book Boxes, a children’s one for at Chief Darcy Bear Garden and a general one for at the Remai Garden.  We are also starting some butterfly gardens, bringing art and inspiration from all around the community into our gardens, you might even see a newly painted shed in the Chief Darcy Bear garden real soon.  And, and, and maybe a new comfy place to sit….we will see what comes to fruit as the season passes, our dreams are achieved, and our bellies are full!!!

Happy Gardening