What is the NCA?

The NCA is a group of community minded people who meet to discuss neighbourhood issues, plan neighbourhood events and consider ways to make the neighbourhood a great place to live.

We meet monthly. Our meetings are open to all Nutana residents. Please come and join us, share your ideas or concerns and learn how you can take an active part in the life of your community.

We meet at 7:00 pm on the First Wednesday of the month (July/August exempted) in the Library of the Nutana Collegiate (411 11 St. E.). All meetings are open to the public except for our December Meeting which is typically a potluck.

This year, a few meetings are not on the typical date.  The February meeting will be on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, and our March meeting will be Wednesday, March 8, 2017.  Both meetings will be in the Nutana Collegiate library.

NCA Executive 2016 – 17

President  – Catherine Folkersen    –  president@nutana.ca

Vice President  –  Tanya Bell  –  vice-president@nutana.ca

Secretary  –  Carolyn Hoessler – sectary@nutana.ca

Treasurer  –  Leah Brannen – treasurer@nutana.ca

Past President  –  Mike McKague – past-president@nutana.ca

Indoor Programs Co-Coordinators Jane Calder – programming@nutana.ca

Online Registration  –  Marc Pelletier  –  registration@nutana.ca

Newsletter Editor  –  Scott Morrison  –  newsletter@nutana.ca

Website Coordinator  –  Beth Wall  –  website@nutana.ca

Civics Co-Cordinators

  • Robert Clipperton – civics@nutana.ca
  • Lindsay Herman civics2@nutana.ca

Social  Co-Coordinators – Richelle Fairburn – social@nutana.ca

Community Garden Coordinator  –  Myrtle Harrington  –  garden@nutana.ca

Marr Residence Liaison  –  Garth Cantrill  –  marr@nutana.ca

Rink Coordinator, Victoria School  – Daryl Janzen rink@nutana.ca

Soccer Coordinator  –  Kelly Wells – soccer@nutana.ca

Victoria School Liaison  – Daryl Janzen  – rink@nutana.ca

Broadway BID Liaison  – Vacant


  • Paul Labelle  – atlarge@nutana.ca
  • TBA  – atlarge2@nutana.ca
  • TBA – atlarge3@nutana.ca

Meeting Minutes