May 9, 2017

Sweep into Spring this weekend for Nutana Community.  Clean up and dump your garbage at no cost I was out at the gardens this morning, and I wasn't the only, the gardens were watered🌧 beautifully by mother nature, they are warming in the ☀️ today, and tomorrow, some will be planting 🌶🍆🍓. I love this time … Continue reading May 9, 2017

Jane’s Walks

Hey Nutana! Every year, citizens of Saskatoon come together to celebrate the late Jane Jacobs - an urbanist who helped residents and city-officials alike come to see the value, history and quirks of seemingly unexpected places. To honour her legacy, cities around the world host a series of ‘Jane’s Walks’, where local guides lead tours … Continue reading Jane’s Walks

Marking Sticks

After a beautiful afternoon yesterday, today there has been snow, sleet, rain, sunshine, it sure is SPRINGTIME in Saskatchewan.🐞 I have trimmed a shrub in the Remai garden, so there are beautiful sticks beside the shed, if you'd like any for markings. Here's some pictures of our garden and our gardenmade Bee Home🐝 Enjoy, its … Continue reading Marking Sticks