About our fundraising for the Albert Rec Unit





The Albert Recreation Unit, on the corner of Clarence and 13th Street, has been a little park used by Nutana and Varsity View residents for over 70 years. While the park has served us well, it is beginning to show its age. Our Big Plans committee was formed over a year ago to plan for its rejuvenation.

Now, after much work reviewing the park’s facilities, getting feedback from the community and doing research and planning, our Big Plans for a Little Park are close to being finalized!

Overall, we focused on these goals:

  • maintain the paddling pool and building
  • increase the green space
  • modernize the playground equipment
  • make the park a safe and welcoming place
  • for all in our neighbourhoods

We believe those goals have been well met! We have tried to pack as much big fun into  this little park as we can – making it a destination for all ages and all interests. The committee has been working with Oxbow Architecture – one of firms involved with the refurbished Kinsmen Park – to realize many of our goals with innovative and creative solutions. We are sure you will agree that the new park plans are a much needed improvement.

Highlights of the new plans include:

  • Twisty sticks climbing and play structure
  • A larger grassed area, with a small hill incorporating a slide
  • New singles basketball court
  • Planted tree play orchard near the south entrance to the park
  • New play structures throughout the park
  • Natural play areas
  • More open areas for crafts or play
  • New fitness stations
  • Retaining the existing pool, building and established trees of the park

These may be big plans for our little park, but  we believe that the neighbourhood deserves and will support a great little park like this. Please consider donating and help us make our little park a Big Success!

Ready to do a Good Deed?

We are asking the neighbourhood to do a good deed and contribute towards the funds needed to make these Big Plans a reality.

In return, we’ll give you a Good Deed for a Little Park as a thank you for any donation over $100 and you will be helping to make our little park a Big Success!

How it works:

The Albert Recreation Unit is a little park about 3000 m2 in size. To raise money for the park’s rejuvenation, we are figuratively dividing the park into blocks of approximately one square metre in size and asking the community to donate $100, or more, per square metre. With your generosity we aim to raise the $300,000 to cover the costs of the rejuvenation.

You are welcome to donate the equivalent of one square metre block, or for several blocks of the park. Our Big Plans committee will issue an official  ‘Good Deed’ thank you for any donation of $100 or more, and tax receipts will be issued by the City of Saskatoon for all donations. Donors at $500 and above will also be recognized in the park. This project has great community support, with over $60,000 already committed with grants from the City of Saskatoon, the Nutana and Varsity View Community Associations, the Community Initiatives Fund and with donations from your friends and neighbours!

The City of Saskatoon has also received a special grant from the Canada 150 Fund, which will be used for some of the new play structures – and while it will be a separate project, it will be integrated into the new larger park plan.

These may be big plans for our little park, but we believe that the neighbourhood deserves and will support a great little park like this. Do a good deed for your neighbourhood today – donate now!

Thank you for making our little park a BIG success!

The Albert Rec. Unit Committee:

Mike McKague (chair), Tanya Bell, Anu Bhargava, Barb Giles, Trevor Morog, Beth Wall, Sarah Williams, Roger Williamson

Contact us by email: bigplans@nutana.ca

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Thanks to our supporters: