🌺Our Gardens July 2017 🌸🌻

Often times when you walk through our gardens, you will hear the birds, the mosquitos, the 🐝’s, and sometimes you hear the stories of our fellow community gardeners.  As i entered the garden today to view the enormous growth from just 2 days before, after mother nature rained down on us, i could smell the dill, could see the bees loving the wild onion, and i listened to heartwarming stories of sharing, growing, and learning from one another.  One mom with a newborn baby, and a long time gardener have found each other and through sharing stories, are now sharing the hard work of weeding, after all “4 hands make quick work”……. This all makes mine, and so many others hearts ♥️ happy.  Thanks for being a part of our community gardens!!! 🍓🥒

The gopher, yes, we have a gopher under the shed at Chief Darcy Bear and his hole is under a garden plot and i find him eating everyone’s lettuce, beets…you name it, we’ve nicknamed 🐿 speedy!!!! lol here is a picture of his hole right by the green bench, i keep putting huge sunflowers in it……. Jill